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The Mudeford Club

Club Bye Laws

The Mudeford Club’s Bye Laws (Rule 10.3)

Effective 20th July 2020

All previous bye-laws are revoked.

By Order of the Main Committee.

1.The Mudeford Club is a Social Club. All other activities are secondary to this activity.

2.Entry to the Club

a) Members and Guests must enter the Club through the front or rear door, where use of the key card is mandatory. In the foyer will be found all the notices of events and details of Main Committee meetings.

b) No person under the age of 16 shall enter the Club unless that person is involved with providing entertainment for Club Members, or, is a participating member of a visiting Sports Team (i.e. Darts, Snooker, Football, Cricket, etc.) and does not indulge in the purchase or consumption of any alcohol. 16- and 17-year olds may enter ONLY under the supervision of an adult member. Children under 16 may come into the Club on Saturday afternoon from 3.00 pm to 7.00 pm. Entry of any other person(s) under the age of 16 years, will only be permitted on certain specific occasions in the Club Calendar and at the discretion of the Management Committee. All such persons will be the responsibility of an accompanying Adult.

c) Only guide dogs will be admitted. No other animals.

3.Dress Code

a) The standard dress code is “Smart casual”. Clothing should be appropriate for the occasion and the weather.

b) Clothing may not be worn with offensive logos.

c) Appropriate footwear must be worn at all times.

d) Hats may not be worn in the Lounge bar, other than by performers or those with a medical reason.

4. Behaviour

a) Members should display good behaviour at all times. Any excessive rowdiness, agressive or offensive behaviour will be dealt with most strongly. Any member approached by the Steward, or Committee Member, in this regard, should immediately follow their instructions.

b) Guest behaviour – see Law 10

c) Swearing will not be tolerated in the lounge bar and in the smoking area outside, where loud or noisy behaviour will offend neighbours. Persistent offenders will be disciplined by the Committee. Every courtesy must be shown to all Members, Guests and Staff.

5.Mobile phones

Mobile phones may not be used to make calls within either bar. Calls may be made from the foyer, or back corridor.


Members should always park with consideration to others, and ensure their vehicle is between the designated lines. Vehicles may be left overnight for recovery the next day. Any member wishing to leave their vehicle in the car park for more than 2 nights should notify the steward, with the reason why it cannot be removed.

7. Snooker

a) Members wishing to play should put their name on the waiting list.

b) Members playing in Club Competitions take priority over casual players.

c) Members playing may not have their name on the waiting list.

d) The curtains may not be closed during lunchtime sessions without agreement of the Steward.

e) Food must not be consumed whilst playing. Drinks should not be allowed near the snooker tables.

f) Guests and visitors may only play if accompanied by a member.


Items may not be placed on boards without permission from Committee or Secretary.


9. Smoking and vaping. Smoking anywhere within the Club interior is a criminal offence. Anyone wishing to smoke must leave the premises and use the designated area at the rear of the building. Vaping is not permitted in the Lounge but considerate vaping is acceptable in the John Boyt Bar. Anyone found guilty of breaking these rules will be subject to an interview by the Main Committee which could result in suspension of membership, or employment. If the member repeats this action, it could lead to expulsion from the Club.

10.Guests and Visitors

a) Non-members who purchase drinks from the bar will pay the full Club Price. Members will pay a special lower bar price (as designated by the Treasurer, from time to time, and approved by the Committee) only on production of a green discount card which is for use by the member only.

b) Members, who introduce guests to the Club, must be responsible for the guest and their actions during their visit.


Any person standing for an elected position within the Club is entitled to display a notice of up to 200 words in support of their candidacy. Submissions should be routed via the Secretary other than when the vacant position is that of Secretary in which case the submission should be given to the President, Vice President or Treasurer.

12. Sports teams

All persons representing the Club in a sports or games league must be a member of the Club or a paid-up new membership applicant.

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